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We offer tailor made packages to suit all sorts of requirements, and can work anywhere in Northern Ireland so do let us know what your requirements are and we will offer a solution to ensure that as many potential students as possible get to enjoy making music with the Drake team.

We can offer one-to-one tutoring or in a group session, either in our Belfast or Newry Studios, or at a school, care centre or whatever facility you have that would be suitable. Whether you are an individual, community centre, youth leader, teacher or group of musicians.




Become an Associate Musician and teach.

Due to the sensitivities and specific expertise required to facilitate particular types of workshops, all trainees will be subject to a background check in order to ensure suitability to work with children and vulnerable adults.


Trainees must undertake in-depth training in order to become a tutor with the Drake Music Project NI. This incorporates training in a group setting (usually based at Westlink Studios, Belfast) and a period of work shadowing. Both of these steps must be completed before you will be assigned to a workshop, working alongside a more experienced tutor. We charge a small fee for our introductory training, which may lead to you becoming placed as a Drake Music NI tutor. Workshop shadowing is voluntary and the advanced training is complimentary.



Volunteer A Helping Hand…

If you’re interested in volunteering at any of our music workshops, we loved to get you involved no matter how little spare time you can dedicate. Just drop us a line and we can meet up for a chat.


Every year, Drake Music NI also holds 2-3 publicity/ fundraising events for which we require people to help marshall, move light equipment or hold a collecting can. Contact us for more info about joining our event team.

Get to grips with technology and share your expertise:

Drake are open to developing their charitable work through a partnership approach to keeping up to date with advances in computer interfacing and ergonomics. We have a collaborative and skills sharing ethos at Drake Music NI that focuses on creative solutions for creative people. We would like to extend that ethos to you, and welcome you all communicate and collaborate.



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