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by Damian Mills | 15th August 2015

One of the maxims of a good business is Location Location Location. It is the same of a charity too!

Location Newry.

The main studio space is at the WIN industrial estate in Newry. This, the location of the head office,  is a dedicated space with many adaptive instruments and musical toys to play with. We are always interested in hearing from local music enthusiasts who wish to avail of our studio and associate musicians who facilitate music making there. Get in touch to chat about how we can use this music making space with you.

Location Northwest.

This year, Drake Music Northern Ireland were given the go ahead to create a North Western Hub located in the Derry regional area. This would bring the number of studios in the province to 3, servicing the Newry area, Belfast metropolitan and the north west region. This would allow us to reach the majority of towns in the province within an hour’s drive. Premises are still being looked for in the area, it has proven difficult to pin down a site that would satisfy the needs of all our users. A suitable studio space would have to be accessible, have ample parking, be fairly central, efficiently heatable and be cost effective. A tough combination to fill and so far, having nearly secured several spaces, DMPNI still search for the Goldilox studion space we can call the North Western Hub.

Location Belfast.

After a long search, DMPNI has found a new premises in Belfast. After being based on the Grosvenor road for over 20 years, it was unanimously decided among users and associate musicians, to move to a new building. Many working hours later, a new build on the Springfield Road was chosen, and is currently being fitted ou to DMPNI’s needs. We will move in during the month of September, so be on the lookout for details of our launch.

Everyone involved with DMPNI in the Belfast area are excited to employ these new premises to their full potential. Drop us a line to chat about how we can use the studio with you.

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