Inclusion, enabling and personal  achievement

The Drake Music Project Northern Ireland provides access to independent music making for children and adults with complex disabilities. Workshops in composition and performance skills are afforded by the provision of adapted computer interfacing technology, in order that physical and cognitive ability is matched to an appropriate gestural interface, allowing people with disabilities the opportunity to express their creativity in an independent and controllable environment.

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Damian Mills started music making 21 years ago as a percussionist specialising in Brazilian Samba. He has 15 years experience as a workshop facilitator in community music specialising in carnival carnival styles, and through the course of his work has developed skills in event organising, administration and design. He developes street music and performance nationally and internationally and uses community music to help create local and large scale events.


Combining talent with appropriate equipment and interfaces, musicians with disabilities have the opportunity to compose, perform and record their own music, in an equal, empowering and creative atmosphere, learning from, playing alongside and composing for all nature of musicians in ensembles and workshops weekly. The ultimate aim of thte Drake Music Project Northern Ireland is to afford musicians with disabilities and their wider community the opportunity to achieve their full potential – independently.


The musicians of the Drake Music Project Northern Ireland run weekly workshops, ensemble rehearsals and periodic residential composition series, providing training and assistance to parents and carers in parallel support programs, and develop and refine models of best practice for learning and combining assistive technology, creativity and disability access issues in the arts domain, with the core aim of empowering and advocating independence and inclusion for the musician with disabilities.

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The Professional Access Music Tutors of the Drake Music Project Northern Ireland design, implement and deliver music creativity and learning programmes for children and adults with diverse and complex disabilities, to give people with disabilities the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

Researching, designing and implementing music programmes of learning and creative expression, using state of the art music and assistive technologies, we offer professional tutoring, parents access courses, carers support courses and musicians creativity ensembles in order that people with visual impairment, physical disability, intellectual disability, learning disability, hearing impairment, autism and ADHD are not left on the community sidelines in the creative process.

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